Happy New Year!

I know this is a late post but better than nothing right ?
As you can see, the post is gonna be in english. It is in english because this post is about my first half year in America and what i have learned so far.

It is a very short post, but hey, it is something !

In the beginning I just wanna say Happy New Year and thank you to my whole family, who are the ones who supported me in the past and now with everything I wanted do. Who are the ones, who funded my exchange year.
I travelled 7045.18 km around the world, just to live another life ? Doesn't this sound crazy to all of you ? And yeah, you are right, it is crazy!What I meant to say was: Who is ready to leave everything behind? I was, and I am proud to say it was the best decision I ever made.
In this first half of my exchange year (omg it is already halfway through), I learned a lot of new things. I experienced mostly highs but sometimes I got disappointed and had to learn how to handle it. I had to step out of my comfort zone and learn that if you really want something, you have to fight for it! Life is too short and time running too fast to feel unhappy about things you could change.
I had to start a completly new life, I had to make friends and new experiences.
I learned to see the good things in everbody. I learned to show my feelings and learned, who is always there for you.
I guess you all can see, how much i I learned in the last half year.
Now, I want to encourage all of you, to live your dream and fight for what you want. YOU CAN DO IT, IF YOU JUST BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!
Make 2017 the best year you ever had!
All the love,


  1. Lovely blog, my cute cutie ;-)! Love Auntiexxxx

  2. Thanks for your new story from USA. With a litttle luck I had no problems to understand your kommentar. Aber nun deutsch weiter. Ich werde mir merken, dass man alles schaffen kann, wenn man es sich zutraut. Danke Deine amo iema